OPITO – FOET (Standard code 5858) – 16400 UAH

Course Name:
FOET (Further Offshore Emergency Training)

Standard Course 5858



Specialized training centre gives the possibility to pass FOET training with qualified instructors and get an international certificate.


This course contains practical and theory sections including:

  • Helicopter Safety and Escape
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Firefighting and Self Rescue

Course overview:

The Further Offshore Emergency Training is a 1-day OPITO approved course. This program is developed and must be undertaken by persons who own a valid BOSIET or TBOSIET, or FOET or TFOET certificate. The term of the certificate’s validity is 4 year.

N.B. Water activities are included in the program of offshore training.

This is a 1 Day course. To be certified according to the OPITO FOET Standard it’s obligatory to attend the whole program.

The beginning is at 0830. The instructor will be waiting for you near the main portal of the academy. The course includes two coffee breaks and lunch (all is already covered in the fee). We highly recommend arriving earlier to have 10 minutes extra. In case of being late, you may cause inconveniences for others.


KMSTC, (Kherson State Maritime Academy – 20, Ushakova av. Kherson, Ukraine) Delegates will be met at the entrance and escorted to the training centre.

Drug and alcohol policy:
It’s strictly forbidden to consume any alcoholic drinks or any psychoactive substance on KMSTC territory. If the participant is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, he shall be deleted from the KMSTC premises. If the course was paid by an employer than KMSTC management is obligated to notify the employer about the incident.

As some of programs include physical activity and may provoke a higher level of mental stress, the delegates should complete a fitness questionnaire before the course started or after the beginning. Also, if there is some doubt about the health, the participant should provide conforming medical documents.

Optional. Our Centre may help you in choosing and booking a hotel. (The payment for a hotel is not included in the course price.)

Items to Bring:
Form of Valid Government Issued identification, with photograph (passport/driving License / Government Card etc). Valid BOSIET or FOET certificate. For fire -fighting and water sessions KMSTC provide delegates with special clothing, however, if you are wearing XXXL or XXXXL clothes, you can bring your own swimwear for water sessions and coveralls, socks and boots for fire-fighting session.

Special Requirements:
KMSTC will be grateful if you inform us about your special requirements during the FOET course (whether it is religious, dietary etc.) Give notice by contacting us by email or phone beforehand. All the requirements are kept in absolute confidence.

Our qualified instructors and facilitators will evaluate the level of knowledge of the participants in different forms (oral, written tests and practical activities)

Complaints and Appeals:
In case the participant finds himself “Not Yet Competent”, he has the possibility to appeal directly to the Administrator. The appeal should be only in written form. If the trainee considers that he has been evaluated unfairly or feels unjust attitude from any member of KMSTC staff, he should inform the Administrator in written form. The Administrator will completely assist you in this process.

Cancellations and refunds:
The policy of the centre completely supports the customers who have made payment in advance in case of cancellation their participation in the course. The refunds will be returned in full if the request for withdrawing comes 5 days before the FOET offshore training starts.

Approval: OPITO Approved.