Specialized Courses

Working at Heights – 5500 UAH

Course Name: Working at Heights – W@H Description: The working at heights course provides familiarization training for correct actions when working at height on portable or […]

Voyage Planning using ECDIS – 13000UAH

Course Name: Voyage Planning Using ECDIS. ECDIS, which is now a mandatory shipborne navigational equipment for voyage planning and execution, can operate a variety of […]

Marine Fuel Management – 10000 UAH

Marine Fuel Management                     Two days Marine Fuel Management course is in accordance with the requirements […]

Master-Pilot Relationship – 27250UAH

Scope: The main aim of the course is to reduce the amount of incidents and accidents involving master-pilot not efficient bridge teamwork and information exchange. […]

Bulk Carrier (Including Draught Survey and Grain Stability) training 14000UAH

Bulk Carriers including Draught Survey and Stability Course The bulk carrier cargo calculation training is aimed to achieve overall safety in the entire different vessel’s […]

Environmental Training Program (Operational Level / Management Level) – 920 UAH / 1495 UAH

Course Name: Environmental Training Program – 1 day   The environmental training course provides with knowledge and understanding regarding the prevention of pollution of marine […]

Open Water Diver – 9000 UAH

KMSTC gives possibility to pass advanced open water diver courses. The program is designed for those who want to be an SSI Master Diver. For […]

Safe Mooring Operation Course – 8405 UAH

General Information Course` Scope: The mooring operation course consists of a theoretical part and moorings practice pursuant to STCW Code. The main aim of the […]

Guide to Port State Control Inspection- 2070 UAH

Scope: The course aims to provide for Management Level Deck Officers, Engine Officers and Superintendents knowledge and understanding regarding Port State Control procedures, Ship Inspection […]

Marine Automation and Control Systems Training – 7760 UAH

This marine automation course will give trainees basic knowledge, understanding and proficiency necessary to operate, maintain, troubleshoot and repair various control systems, electrical motor control […]

Work Permit and Enclosed Space Entry – 4700 UAH

Work Permit and Enclosed Space Entry Course     The confined space course provides familiarization training for correct actions during confined spaces entry with pre-entry […]

Heavy Lift Course – 18340 UAH

This course is designed for deck officers to achieve overall safety in the entire heavy lift cargo operation on merchant fleet. The Heavy Lift includes pre-planning of cargo operation, cargo handling, practical exercises as loading and discharging of oversize, overweight units, Initial stability requirements & verification and safety precaution, assessment.

Crane Handling Course – 11900 UAH

This course is designed as a foundation and refresher training for seamen merchant fleet involved in the operation and maintenance of cargo gear on board ships. It covers the principle of crane operation, dealing with the operational procedure, cargo handling, as well as identifying hazards and abnormalities during the actual crane driving operation.

Commercial Admiralty Law Course – 7160 UAH

Course Name: Commercial Admiralty Law Course This maritime law course will cover the essential principles of Commercial Admiralty Law in particular and relevant subjects affecting […]

High Voltage Training (Operational Level) – 7400 UAH

Course Name: High Voltage Training (Operational level)   Description: The course aims to upgrade the knowledge and skills of engine personnel regarding safe operation, testing […]