Environmental Training Program (Operational Level / Management Level) – 920 UAH / 1495 UAH

Course Name:
Environmental Training Program – 1 day

environmental training


The environmental training course provides with knowledge and understanding regarding the prevention of pollution of marine environment and ability to develop correct attitude in ensuring compliance with pollution prevention requirements.

CONTENT: The environmental training program covers the pollution prevention requirements as mandated by MARPOL 73/78 Convention, Classification Societies, Flag States, USCG Code of Federal Regulations and all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

OBJECTIVES: After successful completion of the environmental training, the trainees will be able to:

  • describe the company’s commitment to full compliance with all applicable regulatory and statutory requirements for the protection of marine environment;
  • describe the proactive measures that can be taken on board ship to protect the marine environment;
  • identify the most common deficiencies on board that should be avoided;
  • fill in Oil Record Book Part I correctly;
  • fill in Open Report Form;
  • use correct procedures for sealing outlet valves.


ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Management Level Deck Officers, Engine Officers and Superintendents. Delegates will be required to bring photographic ID.

VENUE AND TIME: The delegates need to come to the office of the KMSTC. The address is 9 Belinskoho street. Come in time at the above-mentioned address because a course lecturer will wait for all members to come. The marine environment pollution course will begin right at 09:00 a.m. each day.

Alcohol is not allowed.


If you need help with finding and booking a hotel or an apartment in Kherson, we will help you.

ACCREDITATION: None. Internal Specialised Сertificate.

CERTIFICATION:  A Certificate of completion shall be issued to the participants after successful completion of the course and meeting the assessment criteria.


COURSE PRICE: The cost for marine environmental protection training is 1495 (one thousand four hundred and ninety-five) in Ukrainian currency.

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