Working at Heights

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Course Name: Working at Heights – W@H

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The working at heights course provides familiarization training for correct actions when working at height on portable or fixed ladders, bosun’s chair, and stage with using correct fall arrest systems and according to necessary legal regulations

Course overview:

The working at height training programme covers:

  • theoretical and practical training on the norms;
  • regulations and safety procedures of correct work at height on merchant fleet.;
  • the training meets the requirements of the Ukrainian Regulation and International Norms.

This is a 2 Day course.

The beginning is at 08:50. The instructor will be waiting for you near the main portal of the academy. The course includes two coffee breaks and lunch (all is already covered in the fee). We highly recommend arriving earlier to have 10 minutes extra. In case of being late, you may cause inconveniences for others.


KMSTC, (Kherson State Maritime Academy – 20, Ushakova av. Kherson, Ukraine) Delegates will be met at the entrance and escorted to the training centre.

Drug and alcohol policy:

Alcohol is not allowed.


If you need help with finding and booking a hotel or an apartment in Kherson, we will help you.

COURSE PRICE: The course`s price is  5500 in Ukrainian currency.

Cancellations and refunds:

Cancellation less than in 5 working days prior to the course start without a reasonable reason (providing the relevant documents: a health certificate) is subject to 100% payment of the course and accommodations fees.

Cancellation in more than 5 working days prior to the course start is free of charge.

In case of inability of completing the course in full amount, the payment will be kept in proportion to the content of the passed material.

Approval: Internal