STCW General GMDSS Operator — 9 400 UAH (full) / 4 200 UAH (refresher)

GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System) course is designed to improve the skills of those who seek the highest level of operator license. The resulting certificate allows become an operator and work with a radio installation in any area of ​​the sea (or ocean), and on any ship. The operator is also responsible for testing the new equipment and for communication in an emergency situation.

What is the main purpose of this course?

A person who has successfully passed all pieces of training receives a GMDSS certificate. This certificate confirms that a person can successfully manage specialized equipment, as well as can be responsible for radio communications at sea. In an emergency or day-to-day situation, a certified specialist will make the right decision and establish required radio contact.

The GMDSS study lasts ten days. It can be taken by any adult who knows the language of instruction and has proven professional training. The study consists of ten days, from which eight are reserved for study and two for exams.

What is included in the GMDSS course?

The GMDSS radio course includes the following topics:

  • traffic procedures and CFR;
  • changes in tariffs of maritime mobile traffic;
  • information about false alerts;
  • role of the RCC;
  • fleet F77 Voice;
  • special distress traffic and distress signals;
  • radio Telex;
  • operation with emergency beacons;
  • basic rules of radio communications;
  • operation and maintenance of the battery;
  • portable survival equipment – SART, AIS-SART, EPIRB, Handheld VHF;
  • Navtex receiver;
  • MF/HF transceiver;
  • MF/HF/VHF Digital Selective Calling (DSC).

Courses are structured in order to ensure the most effective combination of theory with practice. During practice, a person will gain experience in the use of equipment that works in the MF/HF/VHF, DSC and NAVTEX ranges. For a better study of the Inmarsat equipment principles of operation, each person will have his own Transas GMDSS simulation station.

To obtain a GOC certificate, you must pass exams. All people taking the GMDSS training will receive all necessary materials for independent study and preparation for exams and tests.

Where to get GMDSS GOC?

If you want to get the highest level of operator license, then you surely need to take this course. In Ukraine, this can be successfully done at the Specialized Training Center located in Kherson. The cost of the GMDSS refresher course is 8100 UAH (without fees). The center is equipped with modern marine equipment, thus ensuring gaining actual practical work skills.