STCW Ship Security Officer

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SSO Course is designed for relevant vessel officers to meet the demands of Regulation VI/5 and Section A-VI/5 of the STCW Code and terms of ISPS. It allows seafarers to learn in-depth the STCW Code requirements and know how to apply them. The one aims to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills before taking charge of the Ship’s Security Officer. The length of the training is two days of the theoretical and practical part.

During the SSO course, the students will study:

  1. developing of security plan of a ship;
  2. how to maintain and implement a ship security plan;
  3. security of the crew, cargo, and a boat;
  4. tracking of a vessel’s safety;
  5. preventive measures;
  6. types of security threats;
  7. audit of the ship’s security;
  8. recognition of hazardous substances, weapon;
  9. security measures of a port and a boat;
  10. maritime security policy;
  11. security equipment and security responsibilities;
  12. response when threat is identified and security actions;
  13. testing of security equipment.

SSO Course Detailed Information


Maritime SSO training will be held the territory of Kherson State Marine Academy at the address 20, Ushakova Avenue, Kherson city, Ukraine.

Internal Rules:

The Academy has sticky principles that should be followed by all students of KMSTC courses. It is forbidden to bring and use alcohol and/or drugs. If any person violates these rules and/or any person to be found under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, then such a person has to leave the Academy’s territory immediately. Moreover, the Administration will inform the one who paid for training about this violation.


The students will attend the course for two full days. If you need an SSO refresher course, then it will last just for one day.

Prices and Cancellation:

Full two-day training costs 1100 in Ukrainian currency, while an SSO refresher course price is 900 in Ukrainian currency. In case of cancellation, no additional fees will be charged, provided that a student notified KMSTC five days before the start of the course.


Lessons will start at 08:30 am every day.

Identification Document:

Please bring a state document with a photograph so that we could identify you.


As well as training itself, the evaluation consists of written and/or oral and a practical section that to be done under the supervision of KMSTC trainers.

In case of successful completion, a student receives a certificate. Yet in case of failure, a student still may opt for the appeal process. If he thinks that the results are unfair, he has to send a written letter to the Administration describing in detail the situation.