Crane Handling Course

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Course Name:
Crane Handling coursemarine crane training


The marine crane training  combines practical and theoretical sessions:

  • Studying the specifics of the ship’s cargo gear
  • Basic rules of the safe ship’s crane operation
  • Operating the ship’s pedestal cane efficiently
  • Cargo Lift tandem crane operation

General description:

The main purpose of the crane handling training is to refresh and secure the seamen knowledge and skills on servicing the cargo gear on board of the ships. The training details the crane operations, cargo handling, covers the main rules for identifying obstacles and crane driving. The course is based on the UK safety rules and standards. The participants will have a possibility to test DNV approved simulator. They will master the skills of cargo movement, container loading, emergency actions. The course also offers an extensive theoretical part.

marine crane certification

Targeted audience: Marine personnel with seagoing experience and at least one completed contract. 

Course length:

Ship crane training program will take 2 full working days. The attendance of all classes is a must if a participant wants to get marine crane certification.


Training begins at 9.00 am. The attendees will have 2 coffee breaks during the day. Please try to arrive in advance on an opening day allowing 10 minutes for check-in procedure. Avoid causing inconveniences by being late.

Place of training:

KMSTC, (Kherson State Maritime Academy, 20, Ushakova av. Kherson, Ukraine). The Academy representative will take the participants to a designated classroom.

Strict prohibition of drugs and alcohol:

No alcohol is allowed on the territory of KMSTC. If any participant is spotted to be under alcohol or drug influence, this person will be automatically forbidden to continue training. In addition to it, the participant’s employer will be notified of the situation.

Docs to submit:

An ID document issued by the government, it should have a photo. You may submit a passport or a driving license.

Additional requests:

In case of any special need from the side of the future participants concerning KMSTC training (these may be issues of physical or religious background), feel free to contact the organizers. The Administration will assist to solve all requirements. The queries may be forwarded by email or you may call directly to discuss special requirements. All information will be kept confidential.


The course attendees will be assessed for the level of acquired knowledge and skills by way of practical and writing examination. The testing will be carried out by the experts.

Complaint Policy:

In case any course participant has been assessed as not competent after testing, he has the full right to argue this decision. The procedure asks to send the appeal request to the Administration who are considering matters of this type. The participants can also forward any complaints concerning unfair treatment by staff representatives and similar issues. All information should be passed in written form to the Administration for further review.

Cost refund policy:

The funds paid for the courses can be withdrawn by the course applicants in due time. KMSTC will pay back a full amount if participation is canceled due to a serious reason 5 days before the course starts.

Internal Сertificate. Simulator DNV approved.

ship crane training