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Advanced Fire Fighting Course


An advanced fire fighting course was created specifically for engineering and deck officers. After taking it, a person will have the skills and knowledge necessary to manage fire suppression activities. One will also receive a qualification certificate. The course gives theoretical and practical knowledge about

effective fire fighting methods, both in port and at open sea. Moreover, special attention is paid to organizational issues. Such topics as the transportation of dangerous goods, the effect of water on the stability of a ship, and ventilation control are also covered by this training. All participants of the advanced fire fighting refresher course acquire practical skills of extinguishing the fire of various intensity and origins.

What does the STWC advanced fire fighting course include?

It consists of theoretical and practical classes, which are devoted to the following topics:

  • investigation and reporting of the fire cases;
  • maintenance and diagnostics of technologies and systems that are designed to detect and extinguish the fire;
  • effective training and organization of fire teams;
  • theory of fire fighting;
  • implementing and controlling fire extinguishing operations on ships.

It is assumed that the officers already have basic knowledge of fire safety, so the course is quite short but very intense.

The useful info you need to know about

It lasts for four days. During this time, officers receive theoretical (65% of all study time) and practical (remaining 35%) knowledge. Every person who has a valid certificate of Basic Safety Training or Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (Section A-VI/1-2 of the STCW Code) can take the course.

After four days of study, a person should pass an exam in order to prove the acquired knowledge. Also, in practical exercises, one needs to demonstrate the ability to implement and control various types of fire extinguishing operations.

People who already have a qualification certificate and want to update their knowledge can take refresher training. Such an option lasts only two days, and practical and theoretical classes will allow the specialist to stay at the required level of professionalism.

Organization moments

  • People who want to take the STCW fire fighting refresher course in the Kherson Specialized Training Center do not need to book a hotel room in advance. The center will help them with this. However, payment for accommodation not included in the price of training.
  • Study schedule. The classes start at 08:30 AM. On the first day, it is advisable to arrive at 08:20 AM in order to be conveniently registered. During the daily studying process, all participants will have two small breaks.
  • Alcohol and drugs. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol and use drugs in the premises of KMSTC. Also, you cannot come to classes in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication. A person noticed in such a state will be disqualified immediately. If payment for STCW advanced fire fighting course was performed by a person’s employer, one will receive a notification about this situation.
  • Health status. Each officer must have the results of a recent medical examination before training starts. This is necessary for practical exercises which cover physical activity and are designed for a person with a good state of health.
  • The appeal of the results. If for some reason a person cannot graduate, one has the right to appeal and demand a review of the verdict. To do so, write a special letter to the administrator, who will explain one’s further actions. You can also write a complaint if any of the trainers, teachers or members of the evaluation committee were unfair towards students.

What things are required?

To take advanced fire fighting STCW training you need to have:

  • any identity card that is current at the moment;
  • a valid certificate of Basic Safety Training or Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (Section A-VI/1-2 of the STCW Code);
  • towels and change clothes made of natural fabrics.

How to take the course?

If you need an advanced fire extinguishing course, then you can take it for just UAH 1950 in Kherson at the Specialized Training Center. If a person has paid for it in advance, one can count on a 100% money return in case of training cancellation. If you have any special requirements of a dietary, religious or physical nature, then write or tell about them in advance via e-mail or by phone call. We will try to take into account all your wishes.

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