STCW Safety Familiarization, Basic Training for all Seafarers – 4 000 UAH (full) / 2 600 UAH (refresher)

Course Name:

STCW Safety Familiarization, Basic Training for all Seafarers/НБЖС

basic safety training



This one training is aimed at crew members of the commercial vessels, fearers, officers, captains, and skippers. If you want to become a member of the merchant’s vessels, yachts or cruise ships that are over twenty-four meters long, then this course is mandatory for you before becoming an employee.

STCW Basic Safety Training Program

The program consists of four necessary parts:

  1. Personal Safety and Social Responsibility is the first section of the program. It introduces a trainee to significant induction in safety procedures and onboard relationships, familiarizes him with a shipboard organization and general terminology, shipboard duties and responsibilities, environmental policy, control of fatigue, emergencies, and safe working place.
  2. Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques is the second section that is aimed at personnel to maintain ability according to Manila Amendments of 2010. The one provides the students with crucial knowledge of main types of emergencies, the use of survival equipment (lifejacket and inflatable life rafts), and survival techniques. The section contains a theoretical and practical part, including group discussions, usage of life-saving appliances such as lifejacket and rescue boat. The personnel has to demonstrate a correct inflating a rescue boat, boarding and leaving of a rescue boat, and assisting others.
  3. Elementary First Aid is the third section intended for a crew of the marine vessels to demonstrate first aid techniques onboard. Upon completion of the third part, the students have to know how to act in case of choking, heart attack, burns, wounds, bleeding, fractures, and shock. They will learn basic medical assistance techniques, treatment priorities, bandaging, and essential life support, and they will demonstrate this knowledge during the practical part.
  4. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting is the last section. The one is designed to study the fire fighting organization, preventive and emergency measures concerning fire, and usage of fire fighting equipment. The personnel will know the types of fire, what causes fire and onboard hazards, how to locate fire and location of fire fighting equipment, the correct use of fire extinguishers and their types, the BA board, and methods of minimizing of risks of fire.

Each section can be completed independently, not as a part of STCW Basic Safety Training, and are followed by a written exam. Plus, the candidates must be able to complete all aspects of the training, including practical and theoretical. All in-pool concrete actions will be held under the strict supervision of the trainers.

STCW Basic Safety Training Course Detailed Information

Medical caution: The Basic Safety Training Course for seaman is physically demanding; that is why the students have to provide KMSTC with valid Medical Form.

Duration: The training lasts nine days, and five days for refresher purposes. The attendance of all days is a must. According to Manila Amendments, since January 1st, 2017, all the seafarers with valid STCW certificate have to pass a refresher course.

Schedule: All lessons start at 08:30 am. Please, come on time to the building of Kherson State Maritime Academy.

Necessary Documents and Stuff:

All students shall bring an identification state document with a photograph and a Medical Report. Please, also bring a towel and changing clothes.


The examination consists of two parts done according to IMO model courses: 1.21, 1.19, 1.13, 120. Upon successful completion of the training, a student receives a certification. If a student disagrees with the trainer`s decision, he has a right to appeal a decision of a trainee. For this purpose, please, address your detailed written letter to the Administration.

Prices and Fees

The price for the nine-day course is 3400 in Ukrainian currency. Please, call or email us to receive more detailed information on a refresher course. If a student changed his mind to attend the class five days before its start, then he can cancel it without paying any fees.

Approval: Approved by Ukraine Administration.

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