STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats – 4 400 UAH (full) / 2 800 UAH (refresher)

Course Name:

STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats


Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats training replaced the previous one, “Advanced Sea Survival.” The PSCRB course consists of the essential knowledge needed in case if a crew has faced an emergency that results in ship abandonment. This PSCRB course is for a coxswain or anyone who is a part of the lifeboat crew and who will be responsible for safe abandonment in case if needed. In an emergency, a coxswain has to feel confident while launching and recovering a survival craft or rescue boats.

Before enrolling in the PSCRB course, students should have a basic level of fitness. The participants will study:

  1. rescue procedures;
  2. abandonment procedures;
  3. correct use of emergency equipment;
  4. types of rescue boats, survival crafts, and associated equipment;
  5. how to coordinate the rescue of survivors to a safe place;
  6. how to operate an enclosed lifeboat on open water;
  7. boat handling;
  8. how to run a survival craft engine;
  9. survivors` management upon ship has been abandoned;
  10. the use of communication devices like pyrotechnics and signaling equipment;
  11. rescue boat launching and recovering with the help of single-arm davit and gravity davits;
  12. basic knowledge of first aid;
  13. being a leader of a survival craft and rescue boats;
  14. division of tasks and responsibilities when it is time to abandon ship.

A student will pass written, oral, and practical assessment. They will need to describe and demonstrate the organization of search and rescue, explain emergency types, search, and rescue techniques. Plus, they will describe the types of life-saving equipment and how to use the open lifeboats, enclosed lifeboats, rescue boats, and davit launched life rafts.

PSCRB Course Overview


This PSCRB course is physically and emotionally demanding. That is why all the participants should be physically and psychologically prepared. Medical Examination is required to enroll in the PSCRB training. Plus, the participants have to provide KMSTC with valid Seafarers` Basic Training Certificate. These two requirements are obligatory for all prospective participants.


The PSCRB training center is located in the territory of Kherson State Marine Academy at the address 20, Ushakova Avenue, Kherson city, Ukraine.

Strict Rules to be Followed:

The Academy dictate

s sticky behavior principles to be observed by all students of KMSTC courses. It is forbidden to bring and use alcohol and/or drugs. If any person violates these rules and/or any person to be found under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, then such a person has to leave the Academy`s territory immediately. Moreover, the Administration will inform the one who paid for training about this violation.


The students will attend the course for four full days. If you need a refresher course, then it will last just for two days. Please note that a participant will be allowed to pass the exam and receive a certification provided a student attended all full four days or two days for a refresher course.

Prices and Cancellation:

Full four-day training costs 3800 in Ukrainian currency, while a refresher course`s price is 2400 in Ukrainian currency. In case of cancellation, no additional fees will be charged, provided that a student notified KMSTC five days before the start of the course.


Lessons start at 08:30 am every day. To avoid any misunderstandings, please come at least ten minutes earlier.

The Necessary Documents:

For the identification of a student, one has to bring a state document with a photograph to prove his personality. Additionally, for PSCRB training, a participant has to carry a valid Medication Report that allows taking part in such a training and valid Seafarers` Basic Training Certificate.


The examination procedure is done in accordance with IMO Model Courses 1.23. As well as training itself, the evaluation consists of written and/or oral parts and a practical part that to be done under the supervision of KMSTC trainers.

In case of successful completion, a student receives a certificate. Yet in case of failure, a student still may opt for the appeal process. If he thinks that the results are unfair, he has to send a written letter to the Administration describing in detail the situation.

Approval: Approved by Ukraine Administration.