OPITO – HUET with EBS (Standard code 5095)

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Course Name:
HUET with EBS (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)

Standard Code 5095



The HUET helicopter training will prepare all the trainees to helicopter emergency response to ensure stuff survival in case of an emergency. The evacuation training done with the help of the simulated situation is the best preparation for future workers of offshore oil and gas industry.

High-quality stuff delivers the best theoretical knowledge and practical experience done in the well-construed HUET training locations. HUET certification will be issued upon successful completion of the HUET training. This certificate will be valid for 4 years.


This course contains practical and theory sections including:

  • Helicopter Safety and Escape

Course overview:

The OPITO approved Helicopter Underwater Emergency Training programme is a 1 day course which must be undertaken by individuals involved in oil and gas industries, who board installation, facilities via helicopter.

N.B. There are physical aspects of this training including water based activities.

1 Days. The course is a full 1 day programme and attendance for the whole duration of the course is essential in order to be deemed competent to the OPITO HUET Standard.

The Instructor meets you at 08:20 at the entrance of the main builiding. Two coffee breaks and one lunch break (lunch and refreshments are included in the course fee). Please arrive in good time for your safety course and allow an  extra 10 minutes for check-in on the first day. Late arrival will cause inconvenience for others.


KMSTC, (Kherson State Maritime Academy – 20, Ushakova av. Kherson, Ukraine) Delegates will be met at the entrance and escorted to the training centre.

Drug and alcohol policy:
Alcohol cannot be consumed on KMSTC premises. In the opinion of management, if a participant is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, then management shall remove that person from KMSTC premises. Notification to the person’s employer may be made if the employer paid for the course.

Some of the courses may involve a degree of physical and mental stress.  Therefore delegates will be required to complete a self declaration of fitness questionnaire either prior to, or on commencement of the course.

Students should be in possession of a valid medical certificate if their health is in doubt.

Optional. KMSTC management may assist you in booking a hotel. (Hotel fees will be covered by participants)

Items to Bring:
Form of Valid Government Issued identification, with photograph (passport / driving License / Government Card etc). Water session – KMSTC provides course delegates with a  swimwear, however, if you are wearing XXXL or XXXXL clothes, you can bring your own coveralls, socks and pool shoes.

Special Requirements:
Please inform us if you require any special requirements for your training with us here at KMSTC, for example (physical, religious, dietary requirements) we will assist where necessary.

You may do so by contacting KMSTC by email, phone or calling in prior to training, your requests will be treated in confidence.

Participants will demonstrate/explain/identify their level of knowledge, skills and understanding through oral and/or written questioning and practical activities by our qualified facilitators.

Complaints and Appeals:
All trainees who find themselves deemed ”Not Yet Competent” have the right to appeal that decision. All appeals shall be directed, in writing, to the Administrator who will support your appeal process. Where participants believe that they have been treated unfairly, unruly or unjust by any member of staff whilst attending a KMSTC run course, or whilst having contact with KMSTC, they should out their concerns in writing with assistance from the administrator.

HUET course cost:
The price for rescue training is 11100 in Ukrainian currency, excluding accommodation expenses. The lunch break fee is included in the cost.

Cancellations and refunds:

Cancellation less than in 5 working days prior to the course start without a reasonable reason (providing the relevant documents: a health certificate) is subject to 100% payment of the course and accommodations fees.

Cancellation in more than 5 working days prior to the course start is free of charge.

In case of inability of completing the course in full amount, the payment will be kept in proportion to the content of the passed material.

Approval: OPITO Approved.





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