Free Fall Life Boat Course — 8 950 UAH

Course Name:
Free Fall Lifeboat

free fall lifeboat training



The course consists of practical and theoretical training. The purpose of the course to get the knowledge and master the skills of the motor propelled survival craft (TEMPSC).

The attendees should learn the following stages of work during free fall lifeboat training:

  • Preparing of a lifeboat;
  • Controlling launch and return;
  • Ability to manage its movement;


General description of the free fall lifeboat course:

The training is designated for the staff who need more competence to operate the ships equipped by rescue boats which are considered a way of evacuation. All attendees will get the skills and qualifications in line with IMO standards and the companies’ demands.

Additional information:

Sailors should have done four basic training levels which confirm they have proper knowledge of safety requirements and rules according to the Regulation VI/1 of STCW 1995.

All participants must submit a doctor verified document proving they are in a satisfactory health condition for the training.

Note. Free fall lifeboat course has some physical peculiarities. Free Fall launching presupposes a team of minimum 4 members.

Course length:

2 Days. The program is planned as a 2-day session. Everyday attendance is a must to prove competency after the course.


The meeting time is 8.30 am at the Academy front door. The attendees will be met by the Instructor. During the course the participants will be offered short breaks for snacks and coffee (no additional costs needed). It is suggested to allow some extra time for check-in on the first day, so the arrival time should be 10 minutes earlier. Do not be late to avoid general delays.


KMSTC, (Kherson State Maritime Academy – 20, Ushakova av. Kherson, Ukraine)

Drug and alcohol are not allowed:

It is strictly prohibited to bring and consume alcohol within KMSTC site. In case any participant is noticed under the effect of drug substances or alcohol, the administration has the right to ask him to leave the premises. In case, the course has been paid for by the participant’s employer, it would be reported directly to the payer.

Medical requirement:

The training presupposes a certain level of physical and mental stress. In view of this, all participants have to fill in and sign the questionnaire detailing general health condition before the actual start of the course.

Additional things to bring:

Official valid ID document including a participant photo. You may use a passport, a driving license, or any other form of a government-issued document.

Everyone should have a set of clothes change, a towel, a change of underwear with long sleeves and socks of natural composition. These are needed for the practical part of free fall lifeboat launching training.

Additional requests:

In case there are any specific demands to the free fall lifeboat maneuvering training, you should feel free to contact KMSTC to discuss them. It can refer to the physical or religious origin, and the organizers will do everything in their power to solve the issues. All your suggestions can be sent by email, or directly advised on the phone. Please contact us in advance. We promise all information will be kept strictly confidential.


The participants of the course will have a chance to reveal the acquired professional skills by way of verbal and written tests. The course also stipulates practical sessions with the help of experts.

Customer support:

The course attendees may find themselves in the situation that they failed to pass the testing after completing free fall lifeboat preparation training. In this case, every participant has the right to refute the result. All the appeals are passed to the Administration, and they consider them directly. The attendees may also address other complaints to the Administration. They may share their dissatisfaction with the improper treating during the course, any case of unjustified staff attitude, etc.

Refunding policy:

The organizers protect the costs transferred in advance. If the course has been prepaid, but due to some reason the participant cannot attend it, we will return the full amount. This offer is valid not later than 5 days before the start of the program. In such cases, the customers have a chance to select alternative dates for training which would better suit them.

Internal Certificate

free fall lifeboat course

free fall lifeboat