Draught Survey Course – 7700 UAH

Course Name:
Draught Survey including Bulk Carriers Safety and Inspection course

draft survey course

Draft survey training description

In the frames of the marine draft survey course, you will receive the necessary skills and knowledge for correct draught survey. In order to perform a draft survey, you need to take into account a lot of circumstances and elements.

You will explore such themes and notions as water displacement, static equilibrium, a stability curve, water density, deductibles, etc. You will also:

  • Study to read the drafts marks;
  • Know how to calculate consumables like fuel, bulk, freshwater;
  • Know how to read the hydrostatic information of the ship;
  • Find out what to do if the initial calculation does not meet the expectations;
  • Find out the most common errors and how to avoid them;
  • Study the laws that regulate cargo operations;
  • Study three conditions of vessels` stability, e.g. positive, negative, and neutral;
  • Know how to work with the special programs for a draft survey;
  • Know how to determine the ships constant.

Core audience:

This course is aimed not only at the deck officers but also for professional surveyors, freight forwarders, cargo officers, shipping officers. The deck officers may work together with above-mentioned officers for the best and accurate calculations.

Course Duration:

It lasts for 3 days. Please, note that it is important to attend the course for all 3 days. If you fail to do so, you won’t be considered as a competent person.


The lectures start at 09:00 a.m. each day. During the day you will have coffee breaks and lunch at 01:00 p.m. Please note that you do need to pay additionally. It is important to come 10 minutes earlier declared time on the first day for registration purposes.

Please come in time to avoid any inconveniences and misunderstandings.


The course and training will be held at the premises of Kherson Maritime State Academy at the following address 20, Ushakova avenue, the city of Kherson, Ukraine.

The course administrator will wait for all team members at the entrance of KMSTC for your convenience.

Banned substances policy:

Caution: sale of alcohol products is forbidden on the territory of KMSTC. If the Academy Administration finds out any person who took alcohol or drugs, the Administration reserves the right to force such a person to leave KMSTC. Provided that the employer and/or company paid for courses, the administration will inform it about the incident.

Specific issues

How to book a hotel if I do not know the language?

Our course officers will be glad to help you to book a hotel in the city of Kherson if needed. Please note that the hotel price is not included in the course fee.

What documents I have to bring?

It is important to take a state document with a photograph. Please do not forget to take a document. We need it for identification purposes.

What if I have special requirements?

If you have any physical, religious or nutrition needs, do not hesitate to tell us. We will put all our efforts to provide you with all the necessary.

This information is subject to non-disclosure. Be sure to send us an email letter or give us a phone call before the course starts.

How the assessment process goes?

As well as the course itself, the assessment contains theoretical and practical part. During the theoretical part, a trainee has to show its knowledge via oral and/or written questioning. During the practical part, a trainee has to show its received skills under the supervision of the facilitator.

What if I disagree with the assessment results?

In case if a trainee disagrees with the exam administrator decision, it has a right to start the appeal process. Please contact the administrator in writing to give the process a start.

In case if a trainee experienced any unpleasant behavior from any KMSTC stuff, please contact the administration. It is advised to describe the situation occurred in writing and send this document to the administration.

Can I have my paid fees back if I cannot be present on the course?

In case if a trainee who paid for the course in advance is not able to attend it for any reason possible, it shall have a right to receive a refund. This rule shall be applied if the withdrawal request was made five days prior course start.

Will I receive a certification upon draught survey training completion?

Yes, all the trainees successfully completed the course will receive a certificate issued by KMSTC.

Internal –°ertificate.

draught survey training

draft survey certification