General Information

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KMSTC covers the spectrum of STCW courses in conjunction with the teaching program of Kherson State Maritime Academy that allows offering the lowest prices for the mandatory courses on the market and providing the highest level of the training to meet the industry requirements.

The prices of KMSTC are valid for cadets of all Maritime Education Establishments.

To register for courses and to get the certificates after passing tests, please:

  • arrive 14:00 – 16:00 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, the main building of Academy, room 225.
  • for more details please, phone +380957116788 (Monday-Friday,08.30-17.00)


Basic Safety Training Course – 3400 UAH

Proficiency in Survival Craft – 3800 UAH

Advanced Fire Fighting – 1950 UAH

ECDIS – 2600 UAH


Medical First Aid On Board Ship – 2800 UAH

Security-Related Training and Instruction For All Seafarers – 900 UAH

Designated Security Duties for Shipboard Personnel – 900 UAH

GMDSS Operator – 8100 UAH

Engine Room Resource Management – 4300 UAH