Bulk Carrier (Including Draught Survey and Grain Stability) training 14000UAH

Bulk Carriers including Draught Survey and Stability Course













The course provides training to achieve overall safety in the entire different vessel’s cargo operation and various transportations of cargoes. It includes awareness and familiarization on the principles of draught survey of the vessels and its operation.

The accuracy of calculation different kinds of bulk cargoes for dry cargo and other vessels.

Provides training to achieve overall safety in stability calculations with regard to internationally adopted standards and grain requirements as per international regulations.

Learning objectives:

  • Familiarize participants with the concept of the whole operation of a draught survey;
  • Comprehend the concepts of hydrostatics, buoyancy, and Archimedes’ principle, Areas and Volumes;
  • Comprehend static equilibrium of a floating vessel and the relationship of the centers of gravity and buoyancy to righting arms and stability;
  • Comprehend and identify positive, negative and neutral conditions of stability;
  • Know how the ship’s stability curves are derived and comprehend their use in determining stability condition;
  • Enhance skills and knowledge in practice calculation by hand and program, Draft readings and Density;
  • Ballast calculations commence and complete of cargo operation;
  • Effect of “CONST” for corrected of cargo calculation;
  • Specific questions could arise during cargo operations. Laws and Regulations;
  • Know how to prepare the ship for carrying different cargoes and rules for carrying cargoes;
  • Familiarize with ship’s documentations;
  • Know how to prevent cargo damages and to avoid any claims.
  • Familiarize participants with the stability concepts of the whole cargo operations of any type of cargo ship when planning to load, underway and discharging the cargo at the port of destination.
  • Comprehend various cargo specification and points of interest before loading;
  • Familiarize with SOLAS requirements of intact stability, carriage of grain and angle of repose ;
  • Induction to basic stability. Basic principles of stability calculation and importance of it;
  • Induction to Grain stability course, familiarization with main values in stability calculations
  • Specific questions that could be arisen during cargo operations. Laws and Regulations with regards to stability matters;
  • Know how to prepare the ship for carrying different grain cargoes and rules for carrying cargoes;
  • Familiarize with ship’s documentation such as stability booklets and stability related IMO Publications;
  • Know how to prevent accidents and damages at sea and in port.
  • Familiarize participants with the concept of stability criteria’s
  • Comprehend various cargo specification and points of interest before loading
  • Comprehend use of hydrostatic tables and data

Habituation with statistics when loss of life and accidents took place due to lack of knowledge in stability calculations

Target group: Operational and Management levels Marine Deck Officers.

Duration: 5 Days. The course is a full 5 days programme and attendance for the whole duration of the course is essential in order to be deemed competent.

As an opportunity you can get only 1 of 3 modules if required: Bulk Carrier – Draught survey; Bulk Carrier – Stability; Bulk carrier – Loading Unloading.

The Instructor meets you at 09:00 at the entrance of the main building. Please arrive in good time for your training course and allow an extra 10 minutes for check-in on the first day. Late arrival will cause inconvenience for others.

KMSTC, (Kherson State Maritime Academy – 9, Belinskogo Str. Kherson, Ukraine) Delegates will be escorted into the class room.

Drug and alcohol policy:
Alcohol cannot be consumed on KMSTC premises. In the opinion of management, if a participant is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, then management shall remove that person from KMSTC premises. Notification to the person’s employer may be made if the employer paid for the course.

Optional. KMSTC management may assist you in booking a hotel. (Hotel fees will be covered by participants)

Items to Bring:
Form of Valid Government Issued identification, with photograph (passport / driving License / Government Card etc). Diploma of Competency engine personnel.

Special Requirements:
Please inform us if you have any special requirements for your training with us here at KMSTC, for example (physical, religious) we will assist where necessary.
You may do so by contacting KMSTC by email, phone or calling in prior to training, your requests will be treated in confidence.

Participants will demonstrate/explain/identify their level of knowledge, skills and understanding through oral and/or written questioning and practical activities by our qualified facilitators.

Complaints and Appeals:
All trainees who find themselves deemed ”Not Yet Competent” have the right to appeal that decision. All appeals shall be directed, in writing, to the Administrator who will support your appeal process. Where participants believe that they have been treated unfairly, unruly or unjust by any member of staff whilst attending a KMSTC run course, or whilst having contact with KMSTC, they should out their concerns in writing with assistance from the administrator.

Cancellations and refunds:
KMSTC will safeguard fees paid by customers in advance. Customers who have paid in advance for training will be entitled to a full refund in the event of withdrawing five working days prior to training. Those customers who withdraw from training less than five working days prior to the training will be given the opportunity to enroll on alternative dates.


Internal Сertificate.