STCW Bridge Resource Management – 5 900 UAH (full) / 3 600 UAH (refresher) / *more delegates LESS PRICE

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Bridge Resource Management

bridge resource management


The idea that humans run vessels leads to understanding that mistakes made by humans are inevitable. However, modern technologies can eliminate the human factor. That is why the Bridge Resource Management Training is essential to minimize the possibility of marine casualties. Bridge Resource Management is an integral part of crew training as it has shown itself as a working tool for improving safety.

What is the Bridge Resource Management Course?

Bridge Team Resource Management is about the correct and valid management and usage of all available resources like human and technical resources for the safe work of a vessel.

The course aims to minimize the number of errors by studying human factors. Even more, the goal is to improve onboard safety by raising the ability of a crew to manage emergencies and crises.

During this course, all the students will:

  1. Clarify the objectives of Bridge Resource Management. The student study what a passage plan is, how to develop a passage plan to manage workload, and how to delegate responsibilities to a crew.
  2. Understand that communication is a crucial element that causes lots of problems. The aim of a bridge team is excellent communication skills between members crew. Some issues are caused by inaccurate or incomplete information, and the other problem is if the receiver clearly understood conveyed information. During the course, a student will know the advantages and disadvantages of oral communication, the importance of excellent communication onboard.
  3. Know the resources available to a mariner that will be used for safe shipboard work. A crew manages many factors. They are the electrical equipment, charts, environmental factor (for example, currents, wind), bridge personnel (for example, an officer on watch or helmsman), passage plan, and an AIS.
  4. Study the decision-making process, which is, for sure, the most important and responsible task. Before making a decision, a captain has to gather all the relevant information and discusses it with a crew. The trainees will know how to interact with officers, how to choose opinions from several sources, see the importance of regular meetings.
  5. Find out the role of teamwork is fundamentally vital for everyday vessel`s activity. All crew members should know their responsibilities.

Bridge Team Management Training Overview


The training will take place in the building of Kherson State Maritime Academy, which is located at the address 20, Ushakova Avenue, City of Kherson, Ukraine. The service provider is KMSTC. The Academy has strict internal police that covers the behavior of the KMSTC student either. For example, it is strictly forbidden to bring any alcohol in the territory of the Academy. If anyone notices that a KMSTC trainee is under alcohol and/or drugs, then a trainee must leave the area of the Academy. The information about the event will be delivered to the one who paid for the courses of the one trainee.


STCW Bridge Team and Resource Management Training costs 6500 in Ukrainian currency, and the refresher training is cheaper, and the price is 4600 in Ukrainian currency. Please note that the price should be clarified. Do not hesitate to call us and receive detailed information. If a student paid in advance, and for any reason cannot attend the course, the amount paid will be returned to a student, provided he noticed about it five days prior starting of the course. In this case, a trainee will pay no fees.

Schedule and Duration

The training lasts for five days. In the case of a student attends refresher training, it will take three days only. A trainer will start the lessons at 09:00 am. Please, come ten minutes earlier to avoid any inconveniences. The training includes two coffee breaks during every day of study.


If a trainee is not from Kherson, the service provider can help with the booking of a hotel or apartment for a trainee. Moreover, even if anyone has unique requirements, contact us so that we can help you with solving any problem.

Documents to Bring

A participant should bring a state document with a photograph so that a service provider could identify a participant.


Upon completion of the training, all the participants will go through written and/or oral assessment. Under the supervision of the trainers, students will also demonstrate knowledge and skills during the practical assessment. If a student passes an exam successfully, KMSTC issues a certificate approved by a Ukrainian Administration. If a student fails to pass this assessment due to reasons beyond his control, then such a student has a right to start an appeal procedure. To do so, a written letter to the administration should be sent.

Approval: Approved by Ukraine Administration.

bridge resource management course


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