Basic H2S Training (non OPITO)- 2600 UAH

Course Name: Basic H2S Training

basic h2s training course

The basic H2S training course is designed to provide fundamental knowledge and skills for survival and proper behavior in environments containing large amounts of H2S. This training is necessary for people whose work is associated with the risk of contact with hydrogen sulfide. The main goal of the course is to provide the necessary information about a potentially hazardous environment, the effects of hydrogen sulfide on the human body, as well as ways to prevent undesirable and sometimes dangerous consequences.

Course content

Each student will receive the knowledge and skills, as well as get acquainted with a special breathing apparatus designed for protection against hydrogen sulfide. One will also learn about the use of special equipment designed for the timely detection of H2S.

The following topics will be touched during the course:

  • what is specialized breathing equipment;
  • how to use tools for detection and measurement of H2S level;
  • basic info about hydrogen sulfide – what kind of the substance is it and what characteristics it has;
  • features of hydrogen sulfide action and its permissible limits;
  • what determines the individual sensitivity of a person to hydrogen sulfide;
  • H2S emergent behavior;
  • debugging of testing devices used for hydrogen sulfide detection.

The basic H2S training course lasts 4 hours. After it, there will be a small exam for confirmation of the understanding of the information received.

What needed to know about basic H2S training

This course can be taken at the Specialized Training Center, which is located in Kherson (Ukraine) at 20 Ushakova avenue. This center meets all the international standards of offshore training grounds and also has excellent conditions for practical training.

  • Classes begin at 9 AM in the morning and last four hours. Students will have one coffee break. All the people who want to take the course must come 10-15 minutes before the start. It is very important to arrive on time and not be late.
  • Students need to have a valid document confirming the normal state of their health (results of medical examination). This is required because the training includes classes that provide significant physical and mental stress.
  • The appeal of the results. If a person after taking the course received was recognized by the educational commission as incompetent, then one can appeal this decision. It is also possible to report any unfair treatment caused by teachers. To do both these things, you need to contact the administrator and write a special letter.
  • The Specialized Training Center can book you a hotel room if necessary, so you should not have to worry about the place for accommodation. However, the KMSTC will not pay for your hotel room.

Necessary things.

Each participant will need the following things:

  1. valid identification card (any) with photograph;
  2. swimwear for water survival training. This is required if you wear XXXL or larger clothes. If your size is smaller, then you will be provided with a free swimwear;
  3. fire fighting equipment also provided by KMSTC. The people who wear XXXL or larger clothes are an exception.

Some additional important moments

Having paid for the H2S basic course, you can 100% get the money back if you suddenly have changed your mind about taking it. This must be done no later than 5 days before the start of the course.

If you have any special requirements, for example, religious or dietary, you can report them in advance. This can be done either by phone or e-mail. Our staff will try to consider all your wishes.


KMSTC, (Kherson State Maritime Academy – 20, Ushakova av. Kherson, Ukraine) Delegates will be met at the entrance and escorted to the training centre.

Alcohol is not allowed.

Cancellations and refunds:

Cancellation less than in 5 working days prior to the course start without a reasonable reason (providing the relevant documents: a health certificate) is subject to 100% payment of the course and accommodations fees.

Cancellation in more than 5 working days prior to the course start is free of charge.

In case of inability of completing the course in full amount, the payment will be kept in proportion to the content of the passed material.

Approval: Internal.

Validity: 2 years